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About Viki Thorbjorn

I’m a Nottingham-based artist, and I have a lifelong love for art. From a young age, I found solace and joy in doodling, drawing, and painting.

With a deep passion for nature, I dedicated my artistic journey to capturing the essence of wildlife, nature, and abstract concepts. Like running wild with ideas. With original watercolour, acrylic, mixed-media paintings, and high-quality prints, and painting workshops I offer a diverse range of artwork that evokes emotions and brings the beauty of the natural world into your life.

I also take pride in offering commission work, where I can create personalised artwork tailored to your preferences. Whether you desire a stunning representational abstract wildlife portrait, a serene nature landscape, or an abstract masterpiece that sparks conversation, I’m committed to bringing your artistic vision to life.

Dedicated to nurturing peace and contentment, I continue to explore the wild and wonderful things in life through my art. Welcome to my captivating world, where my passion manifests in enchanting creations that ignite imagination and inspire artistic journeys.

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Commission a floral abstract painting with 20% off

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Be a Blissful Painter!