Express yourself through bold and impactful abstract fine art that focuses on compassion, environmental care, and social justice

Here, you can buy original fine art and commissioned paintingsart and fine art canvas prints, license surface designs or order abstract art for branding and events.

I advocate for animal rightsnature conservation, and fighting against injustice and inequality. I create fine art abstract paintings and am passionate about bringing abundance, serenity,  and positivity into spaces with my vibrant hand-painted collections. Each piece adds the perfect finishing touch and helps people express themselves.

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Order Intuitive Abstract art - LARGE canvas print

Get a custom-made large abstract painting in your chosen colours and my intuition without breaking the bank. You’ll receive a 33.1×46.8 inch rolled canvas print or a 40×55 inch canvas print, with free UK delivery. It costs about 20% of the original’s price, but it looks and feels just like it.

Commission abstract art - ORIGINAL paintings

Commission a custom original abstract fine art painting and collaborate with me to create unique art tailored to your preferences. We’ll discuss the colour palette, the space you wish to hang it—to match your interior, your mood, and any specific elements you envision for the artwork.

Shop my expressive fine art canvas PRINTS

Discover my abstract art canvas prints; they’re ideal for art enthusiasts, interior decorators, or anyone looking for a unique gift. My hand-painted art prints look and feel like my original paintings. With modern designs and vibrant colours, they will make a statement and enhance your room’s aesthetic.

Abstract Brand Creations for Entrepreneurs

You’ll receive custom, hand-painted fine art abstract artworks that capture your brand’s essence in your brand’s colours and a mesmerising expressive style in digital format. You can use them for your website and social media or even print them on merchandise or canvas prints for your office or your home.

Create happiness for your loved one or for yourself!

Buy from the artist directly with free UK delivery!

I only deliver inside the United Kingdom at the moment.

Discover my contemporary abstract fine art canvas prints, perfect for any living room or workspace. They look and feel like my original paintings. With modern designs and vibrant colours, my hand-painted art prints will make a statement and enhance your room’s aesthetic. They’re ideal for art enthusiasts, interior decorators, or anyone looking for a unique gift.

Do you want expressive fine art painting that's about YOU?

Experience art that mirrors your personality and values, created with your chosen colours and personal insights

Get a custom-made large abstract painting in your chosen colours and my intuition without breaking the bank. You’ll receive a 33.1×46.8 inch rolled canvas print or a 40×55 inch canvas print, with free UK delivery. It costs about 20% of the original’s price, but it looks and feels just like it.

To be able to create that I'll need

you to pick a colour scheme

I can help you with this, just tell me your fave colours

3 words you'd describe yourself

3 words your friends would describe you

at least 5 photos of you

Only you, not with others, selfies are ok too, but nothing AI generated

to decide about the size

33.1×46.8 inch rolled canvas print (ready to frame) or a 40×55 inch canvas print (ready to hang), both come with free UK delivery

and my intuitive process...

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to be recognised?

Let me introduce the ultimate power move for your brand's visual identity

Step into the world of exclusive abstract art designed to redefine your brand’s image with Abstract Brand Creations! Ignite your brand’s story with 6 stunning, hand-painted abstract art designs meticulously crafted to amplify your digital presence.

Where can they help you stand out?

Use them as unique digital backdrops​

In your workbooks/worksheets & brochures​​

On your website​​ as banners, spacers or background

On all your social media​​ platforms

Canvas prints for your office/home

And more...

Are you an interior designer/art consultant?

Here are the options available to work on your projects

Original art for interior designers

I have a selection of original abstract paintings and artworks for sale in various sizes and materials.

These are not necessarily uploaded onto the website, as I might lend them out, have them at an exhibition, or have them in a gallery.


Commissions for every budget: canvas prints of hand-painted custom abstracts and custom original paintings to match your brief and client’s needs, including size, colour, tone, and mood. 

We can collaborate to paint large wall art for hotel foyers and offices, commercial properties or smaller pieces for homes.

Original artwork rental

You can rent my original unsold abstract pieces for short-term photoshoots, staging, and long-term projects like showhouses. 

The agreements are made up for one month to a year from 10 – 30% of the value of the painting.

Canvas prints for interior designers

All the paintings in my fine art collections can be made (or have already been made) into high-quality rolled canvas prints.

I use environmentally friendly and recycled materials in various colours and styles to suit any space. I don’t hold a stock of prints; each is made to order.

Unleash creativity and infuse your home with positivity through art that reflects your unique personality and values

As an artist, I’m passionate about animal rights, protecting nature, and standing up against injustice and inequality. These beliefs are the driving force behind all of my creations.

Imagine transforming any space into a captivating sanctuary that embodies your essence. My art combines creativity with environmental consciousness, using only environmentally friendly, recycled canvas for all my prints. I’m committed to producing sustainable and ethically sourced artwork, ensuring that my creative process has the least possible environmental impact. Let’s be resourceful and innovative while creating art that truly matters.

When I’m not painting, I lead an active, joyful lifestyle. I enjoy various sports, such as swimming, yoga, barre, pilates, strength and conditioning, kettlebell, and badminton. These activities, listening to Disney songs, reading books, and being imaginative, fuel my creativity and zest for life.

Whether you’re an interior designer seeking a captivating centrepiece or an art lover looking to add to your collection, I’m here to help you bring your artistic vision to life. Explore my collection and find the perfect masterpiece to transform your space into an oasis of abundance, happiness, and self-worth. And if you’re feeling inspired, you can even create a masterpiece about you with me.

Let’s celebrate art that beautifies your surroundings and resonates with your values and passions. Together, let’s create something truly extraordinary.

Hi, it's Viki Thorbjorn

As an artist based in Nottingham, I bring nature and abstract concepts to life through a vibrant mix of watercolours, acrylics, and mixed media.

My artwork is a testament to peace and contentment. I’m deeply committed to offering environmentally friendly prints from recycled materials and custom pieces, reflecting your unique style and our shared responsibility towards the environment.

Join me on this creative journey, where we celebrate nature, advocate for animal rights, and oppose injustice and inequality.

Let’s make a difference together through art and advocacy!

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