Express yourself through bold and impactful abstract fine art that focuses on compassion, environmental care, and social justice

Here, you can buy original fine art and commissioned paintingsart and fine art canvas prints, license surface designs or order abstract art for branding and events.

I advocate for animal rightsnature conservation, and fighting against injustice and inequality. I create fine art abstract paintings and am passionate about bringing abundance, serenity,  and positivity into spaces with my vibrant hand-painted collections. Each piece adds the perfect finishing touch and helps people express themselves.

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Transform your home with statement art that supports animal rights, nature conservation and social justice and encourages you to speak up and create positive change

Shop the limited-edition collections

Shop the collections

Create happiness for your loved one or for yourself!

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Check out these amazing contemporary abstract fine art canvas prints, perfect for any space. With their modern designs and vibrant colours, these prints look and feel like my original paintings. They are ideal for art enthusiasts, interior decorators, or anyone looking for a unique gift.

Explore my collection to find the perfect masterpiece to transform your space into an oasis of abundance, happiness, and self-worth. Make a statement with them and enhance your room’s aesthetic. Right now, I’m only delivering within the United Kingdom, so get your hands on these beautiful prints!

Behind the art

About the artist

I’m Viki, an artist dedicated to advocating for animal rights, nature conservation, and social justice through my art. These beliefs are the driving force behind all my creations. My fine art abstract paintings are designed to bring abundance, serenity, and positivity into your space, helping you create a captivating sanctuary that embodies your essence.

I invite you to join me on this exhilarating journey, and I hope my art brings as much joy to your life as it does to mine.

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Discover a new dimension of abstract art | instant access

I have created a special flipbook showcasing a selection of my collections, designed to give you a glimpse into my unique artistic style and vision.

I’m excited to share this artistic journey with you. Let’s explore how my abstract art can add new dimensions to your home, office, gallery or business.

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Blossoms of Joy Collection

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