Commission your own unique artwork

What’s the process when I commission a painting/drawing from you?

A commissioned abstract or more realistic drawing/painting is the perfect way to celebrate your style or commemorate a special occasion

Unleash your imagination and let me create a one-of-a-kind watercolour, acrylic, or mixed-media painting that perfectly captures your vision. Whether you desire a striking wildlife portrait, a serene nature scene, or an abstract masterpiece, my commission work is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a truly personalised piece that adds beauty and personality to your space.

What types of art would you like to commission?

Pet portrait

Provide me with a clear photo of your pet and share your preferences and specifications for the artwork, and I’ll create a portrait tailored to your liking.

Abstract art

To commission a custom abstract painting, collaborate with me to create a unique piece tailored to your preferences. We’ll discuss your desired colour palette, mood, and any specific elements you envision for the artwork.

Commission abstract art

This is how I make the art commission process a breeze and how you can collaborate with me to create a custom piece of art that resonates with your unique style.

Secure your place on the waiting list

A £200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on the waiting list. You can then pay the remaining amount in 2 instalments; half before your unique artwok creation starts and the other half after the work is completed.

Express Your Vision

We'll discuss your preferences and ideas. We can communicate via WhatsApp, phone, or email, regardless of your location. Sharing your interior style and the kind of energy you want the artwork to bring into your home / office will help me understand your vision better. Once we finalise important details like size, type of artwork, and timeline, I'll provide you with a price quote. To initiate the project, I typically collect 50% of the fee (amounting to half the overall commission fee minus the £200 deposit already paid) upfront before starting any work.

Share Your Inspiration

I have a variety of painting styles, ranging from detailed, energetic abstract paintings to serene landscapes inspired by flowers, the sea or land. Also, I love working with ink and lines. By sharing examples of my previous or other artists' works that resonate with you, we can use them as a starting point to shape your custom art commission. Feel free to browse through my available paintings, prints, and previously sold pieces, or any other artist work to gather inspiration and generate ideas. If you have reference photos or a colour palette in mind, please share them with me. Together, we'll discuss your favourite aspects of my artwork, helping me understand the elements you'd like to incorporate into your custom piece.

Approve the Moodboard

To ensure we're on the same page creatively, I love using mood boards as a tool for abstract painting and surface design commissions. It's an effective way to explore colour palettes and make sure we capture the desired mood and style. To create your unique mood board, I'll curate a collection of images from my sources of inspiration, which may include a Pinterest collection. This visual compilation will give you a sense of the colours, energy, and overall aesthetic that we plan to incorporate into your artwork. Once I've created the mood board, I'll send you a one-page doc for your approval. Your feedback is important, and we'll make any necessary adjustments before moving forward.


Typically, it takes me between 2 to 14 weeks to complete a piece, as it depends upon my schedule and the complexity of the artwork. However, if your artwork is intended as a gift or if you require it sooner, please let me know. I do require a minimum of 2 weeks' notice for rush orders. Please don't forget that the time of drying the paint and preserving the art, plus the delivery is extra time. Also, I might need to order materials based on your specific request / technique / colour palette / material (we'll discuss this during our consultation), and you might need to factor that time in too.

Progress Updates

Throughout the creation process, I'll keep you updated on the progress of your artwork. This may include sharing work-in-progress photos or discussing any necessary adjustments.​ This ensures that you feel involved in the artistic journey and that the final piece reflects your vision.

Finalising Approval & Delivery

When I've completed your painting, I'll send you an image of the final piece for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the final piece, the remaining balance payment will be due. After receiving the payment, I'll carefully package and deliver the artwork to your designated address. If you are not local, I can provide you with a quote for the postage and packaging costs.

Please keep in mind that the prices for the final piece(s) will depend on the size(s) and complexity you choose, and we will discuss them in detail during our conversation. Below are some common sizes for reference:

Abstract Atrwork Prices

"A" canvas sizes

Canvas sizes

Please note: I can do any size (even small) paintings on canvas, wood panel, or paper…this price list gives you a general idea of costs but is not exhaustive.

Thank you for considering my artwork, and I look forward to collaborating with you to create a unique and meaningful piece that exceeds your expectations.

About Viki Thorbjorn

I’m a Nottingham-based artist, and I have a lifelong love for art. From a young age, I found solace and joy in doodling, drawing, and painting. 

With a deep passion for nature, I dedicated my artistic journey to capturing the essence of wildlife, nature, and abstract concepts. Like running wild with ideas. With original watercolour, acrylic, mixed-media paintings, and high-quality prints, and painting workshops I offer a diverse range of artwork that evokes emotions and brings the beauty of the natural world into your life.

I also take pride in offering commission work, where I can create personalised artwork tailored to your preferences. Whether you desire a stunning representational abstract wildlife portrait, a serene nature landscape, or an abstract masterpiece that sparks conversation, I’m committed to bringing your artistic vision to life.

Dedicated to nurturing peace and contentment, I continue to explore the wild and wonderful things in life through my art. Welcome to my captivating world, where my passion manifests in enchanting creations that ignite imagination and inspire artistic journeys.