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This page contains a handy list of everything I currently offer in my art business

Here, you can buy original fine art and commissioned paintingsart and fine art canvas prints,
license surface designs or order abstract art for branding and events.

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Commission fine art

Reach out to me when you’re ready to discuss your commission. You can provide specific ideas or a loose concept to start the conversation.

Commission your own unique artwork & get original fine art paintings | from £599

Receive original fine art painting from me. A commissioned abstract painting is the perfect way to celebrate your style or commemorate a special occasion.

I can create a unique watercolour, acrylic or mixed-media painting that perfectly captures your imagination.

Intuitive Abstract art - pick colours & get a large canvas print £1,500-£1,700

Get a custom-made large abstract painting in your chosen colours and my intuition without breaking the bank. You’ll receive a 33.1×46.8 inch rolled canvas print or a 40×55 inch canvas print, with free UK delivery. It costs about 20% of the original’s price, but it looks and feels just like it.

Abstract Brand Creations for Entrepreneurs for £3,000

The ultimate power move for your brand’s visual identity. Ignite your brand’s story with 6 bespoke, stunning abstract art designs meticulously crafted to amplify your digital presence.

  • Bespoke hand-painted (and digitalised) digital artwork customised to match your brand colours
  • High-resolution designs suitable for printing in large formats
  • Unforgettable and flexible brand elements for a visually arresting presence

Some of my commissioned/sold & replicated original fine art paintings/drawings

Some of them are available in print or digitaly downloadable versions

Shop my fine art​

Discover a world of creativity and bring home captivating art pieces that inspire and elevate your space. Let the magic of art transform your surroundings. Below, you can find my collections you can put your hands on.

A-size Fine Art Print Collections | from £27

Discover a range of emotions and aesthetics in A-size fine art prints. Each collection, for example, “Blissful Daydream” and “Fiery Passion,” offers a unique visual experience. Find tranquillity in the “Gentle Bliss” series and discover the serene beauty of “Peaceful Earth.”

These collections embody my commitment to expressing joy, self-worth, and abundance through art. Whether you’re seeking vibrant energy, calming hues, or a touch of elegance, there’s something for everyone.

Fine Art Rolled Canvas Prints | from £79

My rolled canvas fine art prints are made from recycled materials, providing an eco-friendly art journey. Explore a range of emotions and aesthetics, from vibrant celebrations to intense explorations.

Find tranquillity in our calming prints that reflect my dedication to joy, self-worth, and abundance. Whether you seek vibrant energy, soothing tones, or a touch of elegance, our sustainable rolled canvas prints cater to diverse tastes while contributing to mindful art appreciation.

Check out all Fine Art Collections | from £27

Explore my abstract fine art collections through A-size and rolled canvas prints. Inspired by my personal experiences and the world around me, each collection showcases a unique creative process, from Beyond Horizons to Warmthful Energies to Sands of Serenity. 

My sustainable rolled canvas prints offer an eco-conscious way to enjoy vibrant celebrations and intense explorations while championing mindful art appreciation.

Abstract fine art for interior designers & art consultants

I’d love to hear from you if you need stunning artwork for your interior design project. I enjoy working closely with interior designers and art consultants. I’m happy to bring your vision to life with a small sample of personalised visuals on canvas or paper.

Original art for interior designers

I have a selection of original abstract paintings and artworks for sale in various sizes and materials.

These are not necessarily uploaded onto the website, as I might lend them out, have them at an exhibition, or have them in a gallery.

Commissions for interior designers

Commissions for every budget: canvas prints of hand-painted custom abstracts and custom original paintings to match your brief and client’s needs, including size, colour, tone, and mood. 

We can collaborate to paint large wall art for hotel foyers and offices, commercial properties or smaller pieces for homes.

Original artwork rental for interior designers

You can rent my original unsold abstract pieces for short-term photoshoots, staging, and long-term projects like showhouses. 

The agreements are made for one month to a year and are based on 10 – 30% of the value of the painting.

Canvas prints for interior designers

All the paintings in my fine art collections can be made (or have already been made) into high-quality rolled canvas prints.

I use environmentally friendly and recycled materials in various colours and styles to suit any space. I don’t hold a stock of prints; each is made to order.

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Become a Stockist

If you’re interested in becoming one of my stockists, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Let's partner up | Become a Stockist

I’m always looking for new places to showcase my designs, and your business could be the perfect place. Whether you own a retail shop, gallery, garden centre, visitor centre, or holiday home, I enjoy collaborating with other businesses.

All of my fine art canvas prints are hand-painted, carefully digitalised, and printed on high-quality, recycled, environmentally friendly canvas by an art printing specialist company in the UK. We also use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible.